The Coconut Telegraph

January 5, 2010

“Put it on the coconut telegraph
All the celebration and the stress
Baby put it on the coconut telegraph
In twenty-five words or less”- Jimmy Buffet

In today’s world we get a minimum of 140 characters which on average is about 23 words or less.  And, maybe if there was only one conduit we’d be alright but the reality is that we are lousy with vehicles by which to celebrate and to stress. 

Up until recently, my MarketingSmack has been living a non-celebrated existence – every now and again germinating a comment.   I have been diligently writing the Smack for a year now – searching for ways to entertain, provoke thought, provide insight and promote ME.  Somewhere in the last month or so I hit a chord with my readers and the conversation took on a life of its own.  My readership doubled and comments where flying all over the place. 

And, I do mean ALL OVER THE PLACE….LinkedIn Groups, FaceBook, MarketingSmack, Twitter, my inbox…….    

Fantastic, right? 

With this new, what I hope to be true, ‘tipping point’ comes a whole new set of problems. 

While I enjoyed being notified every time a comment was made through the various vehicles that were hosting the discussion, some of my readers sent me ‘venting’ frustrated emails or voicemails because they could NOT enjoy the heated debate.  They read there was one going on – but the MarketingSmack fell short in meeting their expectations. 

The comments were happening but not ending up on my MarketingSmack site.  I didn’t see this coming.  Now I find myself wondering just how unforgivable is my social media faux pas.

On the one hand, it’s remarkable to actually snag a tiny piece of mindshare, generate a buzz – to get people talking about you/your ideas, or your products/services.  But, how critical is it that the conversations take place or end up in the same place?  And, if it is – how do you make that happen? 

Interestingly enough the adage seek and ye shall find had me stumble across Andrew Girdwood’s blog today Free your blog comments from SEO and improve your SEO”   He details nicely three competing hosted web services; ECHO, Disqus and Intense Debate.  I think Andrew does a great job of explaining the three – pros and cons.  I now find myself in the throes of choosing my preferred version of the Coconut Telegraph – where all those conversations – even the ones that aren’t so flattering – can find refuge.

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