Waking up from a long, Ripvanwinkle-type, slumber…  Found my MarketingSmack and realized it has been years since I blogged.  A lot has changed.

You can find me helping my clients find their Disruptive Conversations™ at JP Strategy or as the Fractional CEO of HomeTownRent.  Give me a shout to re-connect.  Especially if you have some juicy, fun ‘bloggable’ topics for me to take on.



3 Responses to “Welcome to Marketingsmack”

  1. Grant Martin Says:

    Hi Tom and Jacqueline,

    Nice write-up on last Saturday’s AnalyticsCamp unconference. I was there too, also a first-timer, and I find myself already looking forward to my next unconference.

    Sorry that we didn’t have a chance to connect in person. Maybe next time.

    Best regards,

    Grant Martin

  2. Marly Says:

    I just wanted to say to Jacqueline – great nickname! I noticed on Linkedin that you used Jack. I was confused when I saw the name and the picture together…it piqued my interested and caused me to go to your site. You have some interesting concepts here. My best wishes to you! Marly

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