ISO the “Pause” Button

May 13, 2010

Where is it?  Where is life’s Pause button? 

Maybe I should skip the blog writing this week.  I have no productive ‘insight’ to impart, no top 5 ways to improve or gain or establish better customer relationships, business practices, or social media strategy.

What I do have is one of those weeks where the gerbil wheel seems fast, furious and suffocating.  Then I see several status bars on Face Book in search of some elusive life pause button.  Clearly fellow gerbil wheel inhabitants cry for help.

What is it that is causing each year to seem shorter and shorter?  Why is it that Christmas turns into the summer beach trip turns into Thanksgiving before you have finished your last load of laundry?  Oh, wait…you NEVER finish the last load of laundry, do you?

Maybe it’s as simple as having school-aged children – maybe this feeling of time slippage is a curse for that particular demographic?  I know it feels incredibly wrong to be booking summer camp options during a snow day in February.  Somehow, ‘knowing’ how those three months are scheduled in the middle of winter makes it feel like it’s time to start the next school year.  Eeek.

At the risk of being accused of an existential fit, where are we all going so quickly?  In part, it feels like life has become one large check-list….  

I have no illusions that this post will be read by many – just the few MarketingSmack or Jack ‘loyalists’ and it’s probably better that way.  Those of you who do spend the five minutes reading my existential dribble words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.  Especially if you have a ‘stop-time’ watch available for purchase.


3 Responses to “ISO the “Pause” Button”

  1. Brent Sprinkle Says:

    There is a pause button of sorts – perhaps it’s more a state of mind, but call it a clarity break. Take an hour a week, go somewhere outside your “box” (ie away from work, or away from the house) and remember your vision (think deep cleansing breath…) then one or two rocks you need to move to get there. Or, just put your headphones on, listen to your favorite ‘Toes in the water, ass in the sand” song, have a beer/coffee, and remember what the speed of college life was like….

    • Brent, Thanks for the encouragement to ‘stop’ the world for a few minutes. There are times when I remember to do so – and, you are right it makes a difference. Welcome to the Smack! Always open to thoughts and ideas on how to improve it.

  2. Lori Says:

    …sounds like we need a 3000 mile happy hour appointment again! I was writing someone today on how fast life is at the moment. Is it a good fast or busy or just stuff fast or busy. The question of quality comes up. Within the hampster wheel of life -quality or just too much quantity??? I’m a faithful reader…love the quick and too the point. xoxoox

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