Secret Ingredient

September 23, 2009

For those of you who are expecting my normal, analogy-driven, story-format blog; my apologies.  This week I feel it imperative to do some promoting:  Actual PR for an individual and organization that, in my humble opinion, is doing it right and poised to skyrocket.

I have been telling people for years that I am unfit to work for Corporate America. That no one would have me. The hierarchal, management-by-consensus-nothing-ever-gets-done, spend-too-much-time-in-meetings malaise is unbearable. 

It is that primary reason that 11 years ago, I started a boutique, nimble, FLAT, best-in-breed organization that is all about the WORK.  The model, back 11 years ago, was somewhat original—establish relationships with experts in each key area of marketing and PR and assemble a just-in-time “A-Team” for your client as needed.  However, the tipping point eluded me.

Enter Paul Domanico.

Paul is ex-GSK.  I say that as if he is ex-Mafia, or ex-CIA (is there a difference?).  Corporate America did not blunt Paul or his partners at Innovalyst. Today, their genius is available on the open market.

Paul is a managing partner of Innovalyst.  He and four other life science super stars have started an organization that, akin to Summit Strategy Partners, utilizes the principle of the just-in-time “A-Team”.  Last week at the Innovalyst Forum (if you work in life science, you must attend), the brilliance of all of this became very apparent. 

The Innovalyst team has identified that secret ingredient—a way to create a post-modern/virtual business that is ALL about the WORK and SCALABLE.  With the help of some kicking infrastructure provided by InfoStrength, Paul and his team have created a set of tools by which to identify, maintain and promote this wealth of talent they have cleverly named ICAN (Intellectual Capital Advisory Network). 

Innovalyst is a perfect match for Summit.  Yes, they are a client, but more importantly, a partner. A perfect synergistic vehicle by which to augment the ICAN with stellar marketing and PR talent. 

The market is ready now – and more than that, it demands it.  And, while there is still some great talent churning away in management, from my viewpoint the rock stars are making it happen in a new way.

Rock star material?  Interested in joining the band?  Drop me a line.  In the meantime, you can rock out with some MarketingSmack at or visit us at


4 Responses to “Secret Ingredient”

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