Health Care Policy, The Truth in Bullet Point Format

August 5, 2009

This is not about health care, really. It’s about truth. It’s about messages, and what we want and need in our communication.

At the risk of disclosing my ignorance—or worst yet—my indifference to the world of politics, the debate over our nation’s health care whirls around me as I silently sit on the sidelines, not participating.  

My primary source of information, or dis-information, depending on your view point, is my FaceBook friends. I live in a very liberal town, so most of the individuals in my life are clear Obama supporters and thus support his national health policy.  My FaceBook town is not as homogeneous, housing a spectrum of individuals.  There I learned that the 47 million un-insured are that way because somehow they want to be.  And that we pay 50% more than the next highest spending country per capita with the worst outcome. 

I am amazed at both the dichotomy of the messages – and how deeply each side believes to have THE TRUTH. 

The sad truth for me is that I can’t be bothered with sorting out all the clutter. I can barely keep up with running my life – you know, making lunch for my son; feeding the cats; networking; running Summit Strategy Partners.  I want someone to gather and analyze the data then present a succinct PowerPoint presentation with insights: those areas where both sides are in sync (in my opinion this is most likely where the truth is hiding) and the chasms.  A handful of verbatims would be nice.

My guess is that there are a great many of us who walk around with this as a secret wish—that a succinct case be laid out in front of us. A nice package that sells the truth and supports it with evidence.

Perhaps you’re wondering how best to serve your customers or what new target market to approach and how? 

The latest MarketingSmack doesn’t clear up the murkiness our politicians create. My not-so-altruistic interest is to remind you that marketing strategy insights are just a phone call away. or visit us at


2 Responses to “Health Care Policy, The Truth in Bullet Point Format”

  1. Marianne Parkhill Says:

    Or, the 47 million are uninsured because they no longer have an employer who covers them and they have a preexisting medical condition so private insurers will not cover them.

    Or, the 47 million cannot afford the $1,000+ per month it costs to cover their family through a private insurer.

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