Yes, Jobs and Opportunities

February 24, 2009

So, while I am not the one who typically writes these blogs – my partner, Tom is, I decided today to step out on the wild side. This current business environment has been non-stop—or so it feels like it to me— gloom and doom. According to a recent Forbes article, 108,123 individuals were laid-off in December of ’08 in companies ranging from the obvious Merrill Lynchs of the world to the Targets and everything in between. That’s one month. Merry Christmas.

However, here on the front-lines of everyday getting by, we’re seeing plenty of companies in search of very specific, special talent. The Raleigh-based imarketingmix site lists a variety of (and yes I am partial to noticing ‘marketing-type’ jobs—imagine that) positions available.

With so much TALENT out there right now, I wonder how any of these slots stay open for more than minutes at a time? And, I fear the requirements for such positions. I can just hear it now: “Well, Mr. Jones, you’d like this product manager position, would you? How many lives have you saved in the last six months, huh?”

One of our clients, InCentric, is in need of technical sales people. Why isn’t there a line busting down their door? Or, maybe now there will be? StrikeIron is seeking a CRM partner marketing manager.

What does it all mean? In this time of great uncertainty the fact still remains that businesses that ‘get it’ will seize the opportunity—whether it’s a direct hire that fits the bill, or a fast-moving partner that gets them where they need to be—quickly. And, what better time than now than to get a miracle-worker, life-saver as the newest team member? Share your thoughts with me. Got a job to publicize? How about a need to fill? Maybe you’re out paving your own way now. Tell us what your doing and how you’re doing it.



One Response to “Yes, Jobs and Opportunities”

  1. Hey Jack,

    Good to have you in the blogosphere and hearing your voice and thoughts (hopefully more often). I suspect that the downturn is going to open up a bunch of new opportunities for you and Tom in the “2 Guys and the Internet” companies that will start popping up all over the place, They may not have much to spent on your services early on, but it might be an interesting niche to think about as they grow out of these challenging times.

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